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In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates a discussion between the parties and keeps them focused on options to resolve the dispute.

Often times in a divorce, the parties do not know how to settle property disputes, child custody and visitation disputes, or how to divide their community debts or file a Response. In a family restraining order, a court-ordered directive can be issued to protect a person from domestic violence, threats, stalking, destroying personal property, and other similar abuse.

The Mediator works one-on-one with each party to learn what the issues are and assists the parties to resolve their problems without court intervention, which can run thousands of dollars and take years in the court system. Mediation produces a voluntary, win-win solution.

If you are considering using Mediation services to settle a dispute, contact Rita Frayer, J.D. at (805) 914-9644. Mediation And Family Law Documents is located at 1601 Carmen Dr Suite 215-H, Camarillo, CA 93010.

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Our mediation service resolves disputes without going to court.

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Mediation And Family Documents has the expertise to guide you through legal disputes with wisdom and fairness. Our proven track record of crafting balanced agreements comes from our experience of listening actively, asking thoughtful questions, and understanding every situation’s nuances. Choose us for reliable guidance through sensitive legal matters.

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As an experienced mediator we guide parties to balanced resolutions.

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We have an excellent reputation in the legal mediator profession.

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We resolve issues with positive agreement among concerned parties.

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We are affordable and save you money compared to court dictated settlement.

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