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In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates a discussion between the parties and keeps them focused on options to resolve the dispute.

Often times in a divorce, the parties do not know how to settle property disputes, child custody and visitation disputes, or how to divide their community debts or file a Response.  In Landlord-Tenant disputes, the security deposit or damage to the property could be the major dispute.  In breach of contract disputes, the workmanship or product received could be the major issue.

The Mediator works one-on-one with each party to learn what the issues are and assists the parties to resolve their problems without court intervention, which can run thousands of dollars and take years in the court system.  Mediation produces a voluntary, win-win solution.

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Most divorce cases can proceed to a judgment through the court system without hearings and trials and without going to court or seeing a Judge.  With our friendly, helpful, and experienced paralegal staff, you can have your court documents prepared without the high attorney fees and costs.  Should the parties require a hearing on sticky issues not resolved in mediation, our staff will prepare your hearing briefs allowing you to represent yourself; or you can have our attorney represent you at the hearing should you need support.   Either way, you will not be alone during this process.

  • We eliminate the confusion of which documents to complete for your Family Law legal matter.
  • We prevent delays by completing the documents correctly.
  • We will file your documents and serve the opposing party for you.
  • You can represent yourself in your Family Law legal matter.









                       Rita Frayer, J.D. 
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               Camarillo, California 93010
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         Email: rfrayermediator@yahoo.com

Rita Frayer holds a Juris Doctor Degree from the Ventura College of Law and is a member of the Ventura County Superior Court Mediation Panel.  Ms. Frayer's experience includes mediating in Small Claims Court and the Family Law Facilitator's Office in addition to a private practice serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. 

While working in the Department of Child Support Services, Ms. Frayer gained valuable experience for modifying child support and determining child support arrears.  In family law, her experience includes child custody and visitation, spousal support, and many other family issues.

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