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Ventura County Courthouse, Ventura California.

About Me

Rita Frayer, J.D., Civil Mediator

Rita Frayer, J.D., Civil Mediator, is a graduate of Ventura College of Law. Rita was the head accountant for a division of Sony Corporation before attending law school. During and after law school, she worked for the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services resolving child support issues, and gained additional experience working in the offices of local attorneys prior to starting Mediation and Family Law Documents. Now serving on the Ventura County Superior Court’s Mediation Panel, Rita is assigned various civil cases by the Court with the goal of settling those cases through mediation versus litigation.

Ms. Frayer has served as a member of the Ventura County Superior Court Mediation Panel Member, is a Past Board Member of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura, and a Founding Member and past Chair, VCCF Women’s Legacy Fund.

Our Services

Our mediation service resolves disputes without going to court.

Mediation And Family Law Documents provides civil mediation in Camarillo, California

About Mediation And Family Law Documents

Mediation and Family Law Documents was established to help people navigate the Family Law Court system successfully. Our goal is to help all clients who want assistance in preparing their case but cannot afford, or simply do not want to pay, an attorney.

It is highly important to have well prepared documents for your Family Law case. Most clients are so nervous when they appear in court that they are unable to tell the Judge their side of the story. Lack of proper documents can result in not being able to present your side of the case properly or introducing pertinent evidence. Lack of proper preparation could result in an undesirable Court order, which may be impossible to fix.

In many instances, YOU ONLY GET ONE BITE OF THE APPLE! Proper preparation can make all the difference.

Mediation and Family Law Documents is an alternative that can professionally prepare and process your legal documents to your specifications giving you the best opportunity to correctly present your case in Court.

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